Board Assembly

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<h4>Composition Of Board Assembly</h4>
<p>Board assembly consist of 5 members that look in the management organization, financial issues, business development, assessment and issuing of the accreditation.</p>
<p>	Maintaining impartiality in accreditation process.,</p>
<p>	Developing, following and communicating the policies, responsibilities, Objectives and proper functioning of the accreditation system.</p>
<p>	Protect interest of associated members, society as well as stakeholders in complete cycle.</p>
<p>	Establish Supervisory Committee and Accreditation Committees to develop and make recommendations to be applied in new areas of accreditation,</p>
<p>	Review the performance of independent accreditation system, including working methods of Accreditation Committee,</p>
<p>	Review the criteria and conditions for the granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing accreditation;</p>
<p>	Interact with regional accreditation bodies in order share knowledge and competence of own professionals</p>
<p>	The formulation and review of specific technical criteria to facilitate effective and consistent application of IOAS activities</p>

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Board Assembly

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