International Organization for Accreditation Services declares that it will comply with all applicable requirements and ensure impartiality within all its accreditation activities. The confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality of the accreditation activities by and on behalf of IOAS, shall not be affected by the activities of the accredited certifying bodies.

To provide an evidence for effective implementation of impartiality policy IOAS will not provide, make use or allow the following:

Service to certifying bodies for development of documents necessary for accreditation

Accreditation service against or on behalf of other accreditation body

Association of professional accreditation assessor with other accrediting organization

Bias decision of supervisory committee while evaluating maturity of application for accreditation submitted by related certifying body

Public statement about easiness of acquiring accreditation in any scope of work

Liberty to associated members to take an objection on any decision taken by the Board Assembly

Technical advice to any member organization for maintaining compliance

Trade, administration, moral or financial pressure applied by any third party / unknown identity to favour any organization related accreditation program and other related elements.

The board is fully committed for compliance with this declaration.