What is ISO 11960?

ISO 11960 Accreditation provides SO 11960 Certification. ISO 11960 offers Petroleum and natural gas industries — Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells.

ISO 11960:2010 decides the specialized conveyance circumstances for metallic channels (packaging, tubing, and household dog joints), coupling stock, coupling material, and adornment material and builds up necessities for 3 item determination levels (PSL-1, PSL-2, PSL-3).

The requirements for PSL-1 are the idea of ISO 11960:2010.

The requirements characterize various stages of preferred specialized prerequisites for PSL-2 and PSL-3, for all evaluations apart from H-40, L-eighty 9Cr, and C110.
For pipes covered by way of ISO 11960, the sizes, loads, and wall thicknesses in addition to grades and relevant give up-finishes are listed.

By agreement among the client and producer, ISO 11960 can also be carried out to different plain-cease pipe sizes and wall thicknesses.

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ISO 11960 is relevant to the following connections according with API Spec 5B:

  • Short round thread casing (SC)

  • Long round thread casing (LC)

  • Buttress thread casing (BC)

  • External disillusioned tubing (EU)

  • Integral tubing connections (IJ)

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For such connections, ISO 11960 identifies the technical delivery situations for couplings and thread protection.

Supplementary requirements that may optionally be agreed upon for improved leak resistance connections (LC) are given.

ISO 11960 can also be applied to tubular with connections no longer blanketed by ISO/API standards.

The four agencies of merchandise to which ISO 11960:2010 is relevant to encompass the subsequent grades of pipe:

  • Group 1: Involving all casing and tubing in grades H, J, K, N, and R

  • Group 2: Involving all casing and tubing in grades C, L, M, and T

  • Group 3: Involving all casing and tubing in grade P

  • Group 4: Involving all casing in grade Q

Supplementary necessities which can optionally be agreed upon between consumer and manufacturer for non-detrimental examination, completely machined coupling blanks, upset casing, electric-welded casing, tubing, and doggy joints, impact testing, seal ring couplings, take a look at certificates, tensile checking out and sulfide stress cracking testing are given.

How to Apply for Accreditation.

The application for accreditation starts with the filling of the form and submit it duly filled. The accreditation process is followed by an assessment- onsite and offsite.

The conclusion on the process of issue of accreditation finishes off with the decision-making for the accreditation.
The applicant can apply by filling out the online/offline application.

The application form can be downloaded through the below link.
IOA Services Accreditation is granted to an organization that can demonstrate compliance with national/international standards.

The details of the standards can be obtained from the relevant website of ISO or the national standard organizations.

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