What is ISO 16070 Certification?

ISO 16070 gives the necessities to bolt mandrels and landing areolas in the creation/infusion course to establish stream control or other device utilized inside the oil and gaseous petrol ventures.

ISO 16070 consists of the interface institutions with the stream manipulate or different gear, but does now not cover the connections to the excellent conduit.

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How to Apply for Accreditation.

The application for accreditation starts with the filling of the form and submit it duly filled. The accreditation process is followed by an assessment- onsite and offsite.

The conclusion on the process of issue of accreditation finishes off with the decision-making for the accreditation.
The applicant can apply by filling out the online/offline application.

The application form can be downloaded through the below link.
IOA Services Accreditation is granted to an organization that can demonstrate compliance with national/international standards.

The details of the standards can be obtained from the relevant website of ISO or the national standard organizations.

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Become a IOAS Accredited

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