What is ISO 16128 Certification?

ISO 16128 provides recommendations on definitions and criteria for natural and natural cosmetic components and merchandise.

These suggestions are applying to the beauty sector, considering that the maximum current methodologies composed for the agro-meals division are not legitimately transferrable to beauty care products.

They follow logical judgment and offer standards in the direction of a consistent sensible machine for ordinary and organic cosmetic elements and merchandise fusing basic methodologies utilized in current references.

The motivation at the back of these regulations is to assist a more big selection of natural and natural beauty components.

This describes strategies to address calculating herbal, natural origin, organic and organic foundation indexes that follow the factor categories characterized.

This additionally offers a shape to decide the natural, natural beginning, natural and organic starting place content material of products based on the element characterization.

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The want of ISO 16128 is to provides:.

  • Trustworthy, straightforward, and logically stable association of definitions and rules for commonplace and herbal corrective objects at a worldwide level.

  • Provide ‘regular and herbal’ direction extensively close to makeup.

  • Provide a gadget for correspondences below a typical status quo of specialized definitions and standards.

  • Respect the privilege of companies to use inner conditions created underneath a typical association of specialized definitions and measures.

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How to Apply for Accreditation.

The application for accreditation starts with the filling of the form and submit it duly filled. The accreditation process is followed by an assessment- onsite and offsite.

The conclusion on the process of issue of accreditation finishes off with the decision-making for the accreditation.
The applicant can apply by filling out the online/offline application.

The application form can be downloaded through the below link.
IOA Services Accreditation is granted to an organization that can demonstrate compliance with national/international standards.

The details of the standards can be obtained from the relevant website of ISO or the national standard organizations.

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