What is ISO 37001 Certification?

ISO 37001 is the new international standard for anti-bribery management systems, replacing BS 10500 in October 2016.

Bribery can happen anywhere, be of any value, and may involve financial or non-financial advantages or benefits.

ISO 37001 has been intended to fuse a progression of measures that speak to universally perceived practices, which an association must actualize to help them forestall, distinguish and address bribery.

ISO 37001 certification enables your organization to use a series of measures that will function as a framework for you to implement controls that will enhance your ability to deal with bribery risk.

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Where it is often implemented.

ISO 37001 is often implemented in any organization, no matter industry, location, and size, and may help protect your organization from:

  • Bribery by and against your organization or your staff

  • Bribes paid or received by your organization or a 3rd party.

ISO 37001 is meant to be employed by small, medium, and enormous organizations within the public, private and voluntary sectors.

It is often employed by such a good range of organizations because the quality is meant to be a versatile tool, which may be adapted consistently with the dimensions and nature of the organization and therefore the bribery risk it faces.

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  • Reduced malpractice risks: implementing the measures of this standard reduces the danger of malpractice.

  • Reference: ISO 37001 is often used as a reference for the establishment or improvement of an anti-bribery management system.

  • Transparency: this standard is a tool to support transparency and keep stakeholders informed on its stand on bribery. Stakeholders may include the Board of Directors, personnel, business partners and investors.

  • Stakeholder assurance: ISO 37001 assures stakeholders that an organization has taken acceptable measures to stop bribery.

  • Protection: ISO 37001 protects an organization that involves its assets, shareholders, and directors from the bad effects of bribery and corruption.

  • Easily integrated: ISO 37001 follows an equivalent structure as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 and consequently it are often easily integrated into existing management systems.

  • Insurance: within the event of disputes, implementation and certification are often used as evidence of due diligence.

  • Serves as a benchmark: ISO 37001 is often used as a benchmark to gauge the organizations’ position in reference to global best practices employed by other organizations.

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How to Apply for Accreditation.

The application for accreditation starts with the filling of the form and submit it duly filled. The accreditation process is followed by an assessment- onsite and offsite.

The conclusion on the process of issue of accreditation finishes off with the decision-making for the accreditation.
The applicant can apply by filling out the online/offline application.

The application form can be downloaded through the below link.
IOA Services Accreditation is granted to an organization that can demonstrate compliance with national/international standards.

The details of the standards can be obtained from the relevant website of ISO or the national standard organizations.

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