What is ISO 46001?


Water shortage is one of the most important worldwide hazards and is set to increment further throughout the subsequent decade. The weights on associations to actualize practical water in the executive’s plan are fundamental to decrease water requests from non-household segments and energize water preservation.

Water is becoming a scarce commodity in many parts of the earth. The explanations are diverse, with global climate change as a key driver. Other major factors include human consumption and thus the expansion of water-intensive methods in manufacturing and farming.

According to the United Nations, over the last hundred years, the use of water worldwide has increased by twice the utmost amount because of the worldwide population, meaning that seven hundred million people could be displaced because of a scarcity of water by 2030

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About ISO 46001:2019

ISO 46001 may be a globally embraced standard for water asset executives. The Water Efficiency Management Systems standard indicates necessities and contains directions for its utilization with reference to hierarchical water use.

It incorporates observing, estimation, documentation, revealing, planning and acquirement rehearses for hardware, frameworks, procedures, and manpower preparation that increase the water productivity of the executives. it’s relevant to associations of various types and sizes that utilize water and is centered around end-user customers.

The recently distributed ISO 46001, Water proficiency management systems – Requirements with direction to be utilized, plans to help associations everything being equal and standing to be more water-effective.

Through a straightforward structure and direction on water effectiveness management, ISO 46001 gives techniques and devices for evaluating and representing water utilization, additionally as approaches to distinguish and actualize measures to upgrade water use.

ISO 46001 was inspired by work done to develop a national standard in Singapore, one of the first of its kind within the planet to help organizations enjoy the use of a water efficiency management system. Thus, we emphatically accept that ISO 46001 are going to be an important apparatus for all associations around the world to cause more prominent water productivity and investment in their activities.”

ISO 46001 was created by working on gathering WG 12, Water proficiency on the board, of ISO specialized council ISO/TC 224, Service exercises concerning drink supply, wastewater, and stormwater frameworks, the secretariat of which is held by AFNOR, ISO’s part for France. it’s accessible from your national ISO part or through the ISO Store.

  • If you’re already OHSAS 18001 certified: you’ll decide that your existing, OHSAS 18001-certified health and safety management system (HSMS) is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of your business. If so, you’ll decide that ISO 45001 accreditation isn’t a priority for your organization. However, it’s going to be worth meeting with an ISO 45001 consultant after the final publication to work out whether your HSMS might be improved by being brought into line with the new standard.

  • If you’re NOT already OHSAS 18001 certified: Health and safety should be a key area of concern for any modern business, and once ISO 4500 has been published, you ought to seriously consider implementing a health and safety management system that meets the new standard. this may help to guard you and your workers, and also as instill confidence in potential customers, new recruits, shareholders, etc.

Importance of iso 46001:2019

Effective implementation of a water efficiency management plan not only results in substantial savings in water but also in energy, therefore reducing the environmental impact of both water discharge and thus the need to pump water over long distances.

The appropriation and bonafide execution of water effectiveness in the executive’s framework are proposed to cause improved water productivity and may assist with accomplishing the accompanying results:

  • Identifying water as a resource which can be considered as a neighborhood of organisational and budgetary planning;
  • Assisting an organization to raised manage water use and optimize water demand;
  • Recognizing the impact on others which can occur with changing water use;
  • Ensuring a greater level of accountability in water use;
  • Providing a process for normal review for possible improvement and adoption of opportunities arising in water efficiency.
  • Savings operational by reducing water consumption through sustainable and efficient design, use of conservation devices and proper monitoring

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